Mental Hairballs

Good Tuesday morning world!  A balmy 54 degrees this morning here in the Happy Valley!  Brrrrrrr. 

As most of you know, simply by reading my posts, I don’t really think when I write.  It’s more a stream of mental vomit coming out of my brain through my fingers onto the keyboard and into your world via this blog.  When I have to think about writing my brain tends to say piss off, fuck you, I ain’t gonna do nothing.  Most of the time there is enough external stimuli (I really just wanted to type the word stimuli) to motivate the last few neurons and synaptic connections in my brain to fire up and get the word vomit machine moving.  For the past few days the world has been so negative I’ve just shut down, I think I’ve got me a brain hairball.  I may not be very smart, however, I am smart enough to know when I need to recharge the positudinal batteries so that I can be that spotlight of love in an otherwise dark night.

It seems like a shitstorm is brewing around every corner these daze.  Whether it’s at a personal level or an international level. 

We got the threat of terror on the front pages, Bush in the white house, scooter libby on the lam, Paris outta jail, Nicole going into jail, wildfires and flooding mutually ransacking america, Iran and Iraq, Israel and Palestine, China and North Korea, global warming, global cooling, Obama, Clinton, Guliani and more…..I have seen friends berating friends without taking the time to listen and hear, couples emotionally beating each other up because they’ve forgotten to invest the time to know each other and everyone seems to be standing around with their hands out wanting more and more and giving less and less.

Wow, talk about a fucking brain hairball.  I feel so much better after I coughed that fucker up.

Nothing better than coughing up a negative thought hairball.  I know it’s kinda gross but fuck it.  Better to cough that bad boy up on the kitchen floor than have it lodged in your brain all day.  Maybe we should have a negative hairball cough up day?  I need to work on the title of the day it’s still a wee bit cumbersome.

Hey, maybe we could get Hallmark to buy in to the idea and create some cough up your negative hairball cards…

I can see them now, a big gooey, gray, phlegm encrusted mental hairball of negative thoughts on the cover with the word congratulations above it.  You open the card and theirs one of dem yellow smiley faces saying be happy.

I love it!  Ya gotta add that to your positational start process….note:  cough up negative mental hairball.  If you got no hairball even better!

Be nice to someone today.  Someone you know or even better someone you don’t know.  The cool thing is it will make a difference.

The other day I was driving by a gas station and I saw one of the guys from my bank helping this older woman get the gas pump working.  Very cool.  Next day I was at the bank and asked the manager what his name was (the guy I saw the day before was waiting on another customer).  I then proceeded to call his name out and told him that I saw what he did yesterday and I thought it was very cool.  I did that in front of his manager and a couple other customers.  The vibe was sweet.

On that note I need to go get a cup of joe.  I’ll leave you with this great quote from Harry S. Truman, “Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.”

So folks, no turd kickin today, only love and mental hairballs!


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