Braino 2

Once again time to clean out the brain….

Why is it that I love hot coffee but hate anything cold that is coffee flavored

We need a pull up your pants/shorts day.  I am tired of seeing guys underwear

Low cut pants women wear today made me realize how much distance there is between the belly button and the hey nonnie, nonnie.   It doesn’t seem that long when you’re there…

I am not ashamed to admit I love quarterpounders with cheese

We need a new holiday called – No email or Cell phone day

In my mind I am going to Carolina

Bad News – I just learned what a spank bank is

Good News – My bank is almost already filled

Most people don’t get it, what, it 

Ever have a hangnail that feels like it goes all the way up to your shoulder – ouch

Always remember people’s names

Bald Eagles are cool

It’s ok to say I don’t know

Shot guns and anti-depressants don’t go together

I laugh everytime I say Uranus

People have to learn to laugh at themselves

I don’t think Paris should have gone to jail….weird she served more time than OJ…. 

Does anyone else find it ironic that most wars are over religion

As a fan for 40 years I have never been this disappointed in a Yankees team

Happy 4th of July birthday Al Davis and George Steinbrenner.  George, we need to fix the Yankees.  Al, you need to sell the Raiders

Bottle rockets and pubic hair don’t mix

When will we hear the first classic alternative music radio station

I miss the Open Container Speedway…where you b mike e?

I love pulling up next to a car at a light and just smiling at the person

Always take juice over cake

Fuck doesn’t get the literary respect it should

You need to work spooge and gick into a conversation this week

Anybody seen my skink?

Dr. Seuss was pretty fucking cool

Check out


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