A day in the life….

Woke up got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head

Obviously I really didn’t drag a comb across my head….that would be kinda silly since I got me no hair.  Shit I got more hair on my back than I do on my head.  Ewwww…..I can hear my niece’s saying….ewwwwww

Actually, I woke up today with these lyrics in my head.  Don’t know why.  For those folks old enough to remember the song is called, “A Day in the Life,” written by John Lennon and recorded at the fabled Abbey Road Studio in 1967.

So, how’s you positation doing today.  Mine is doing just fine.  Heck any time you get outta bed with a song in your head you know it’s gonna be a great day.

A true summer day here in New England.  Sitting here on my deck with a piping hot cup of joe I notice that I can’t see the mountains because of the dense fog/humidity in the air.  What do they call it…….Hazy, hot and humid! 

So have you started building your positation today?  Yes?  Great!  No?  Start now.

Sorry, just got back to finishing my thoughts….had to drive to work and that took longer than usual because I had to stop and look at the uncut hay fields.  Why stop and look at the hay fields?  Cuz I can.

Too often we spend our lives running from one task to another without ever taking the time to stop and “watch the hay.”  We get so consumed with getting shit done, we never stop to enjoy the moment.  We miss out on the fun of today.  I remember a great quote from this dude Colin Fletcher.  Actually I don’t remember the actual quote, I do remember the message.

He wrote a great book called, The Complete Hiker.”  It was a compilation of information from hiking skills, equipment reviews to ” survival how-to’s.”  The quote was about photography.  Mr. Fletcher said that too often we come to a beautiful vista, stop, grab our camera, take a quick picture, stuff the camera back in our bag and then continue hiking.  Never truly enjoying the moment and commiting the visual and emotion of the moment to our minds.  So, rather than have a special memory that you can cherish forever you end up with nothing more than just another photograph.

So folks, to help with your positation remember to stop and watch the hay.  Smell the hay, see the hay, feel the hay, be the hay.  What’s that you got no hay.  Shit you can do it with anything:  the ocean, a stream, a lake, a crowd of people, traffic flow, steam from your coffee….anything.

Sit, observe, be still, be focused, be single minded, be in the moment, be today.

Never hesitation always positation!  


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