Some good shit!

How’s your PF doing today?

Mine is wicked fucking AWESOME!!!!  Barely 9 am and already have laughed my ass off!

I got up this glorious morning and took the dogs outside and as I was walking across the driveway in my barefeet I stepped in a pile of dog poo and it squished between my toes and I laughed.  Why, cuz I could.  The fact that my old dogs are still alive and pooping so that I still have the opportunity to step in their poop is a glorious thing.

Remember sometimes shit ain’t as bad as it seems.

Rock on!



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3 responses to “Some good shit!

  1. Nancy

    Thanks for giving me the link. Love it. And yes, it was a glorious day!

    Here’s to a martini!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Still getting use to letting people in….if you know what I mean….it was a glorious day and a martini will be in order…after closing the restaurant tonight. The one thing I’ve found is that throwing pizza dough and alcohol don’t mix….the flour keeps falling into the vodka…hehehehehe

  3. Ellen Fenner

    …and I made a thousand bucks picking up dog shit with my hands this week—life is grand! Oh wait, life is A grand!

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