Got PF?

A common theme in a lot of my writings is about being positive and truly experiencing the moment – today. 

Too often something happens in one’s life or to friends that cause me to pause to reflect on whether I am practicing what I preach.  The old “pause for the cause.”

This week that something happened again.

I know I have written this before but as the White Stripes lyric goes, “it bears repeating now.”

As humans we always assume that tomorrow will always be there. 

For me and everyone else in the world, one day, this will not be true.  While this fact itself doesn’t ring with positude it does offer an incentive to embrace positude on a daily basis.

The past is done.  There is nothing you or anyone else can do to change the events that are now past.  The value of the past is that it is a learning vehicle. 

There is a BIG difference between learning today from the past and living today in the past. 

There are way to many folks out there who are living with guilt, regret, sadness or negativity that is derived from actions or inactions of the past that dictate how they live and interact with the world.  Three simple but very hard to follow words:


Negative or positive you need to take the experiences of the past and mold them everyday into a foundation of positudeness (PF).  It is not easy.  As a matter of fact it may be the hardest thing you do on a daily basis. 

Like growing a garden or building a stone wall, you have to make an investment in the activity to see them grow.  The PF investment is the most important investment you’ll ever make because you’re investing in you!

Like the garden or stone wall the more experience you have in gardening or stone wall construction the easier it becomes to make both of those a reality.  PF is no different except you have to do it everyday to start. 

There is a magical moment that occurs as you build and rebuild your PF on a daily basis.  The magical moment will be that you find it getting easier and easier to build your PF.  The building blocks that might have been difficult to form in the beginning due to negative energy are soon replaced with positive building blocks that fit right into the foundation.  You find yourself making a platform of positive energy that is stronger and bigger everyday.  It is an unbelievable feeling and each of you possesses the power to achieve that PF (positude foundation).   

Some of you will choose to embrace the opportunity to grow and build your PF.  That opportunity can start right now.  For today is just that, today – no more, no less.

Let me know what I can do to increase your PF!

As the great Mark Twain wrote, “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”



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  1. dr

    Amen!!! Love the blogs – some make me laugh – this is one that needs to be shared.

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