Always look on the bright side of life

You know what I love about life?  I love that life is life.  Life is great.  Everyday presents a new opportunity, everyday presents a new set of interactions and expectations, everyday is unto itself new.  I’ve written before about not living in the past or living like you think you know what will happen in the future.  I’ve written that if you do the above, you absolutely miss out on today, everyday.

So, for me life is at it again.  Here I was the other day pontificating to Mr. Speedway himself about how I’d love to not have a job.  No sooner do those words fly outta my keyboard and onto his post do I get word that my company no longer needs my services.  Hmmm, no more Monday and Friday conference calls, no more being accessible via my crackberry at any time, no more flying about the country at all hours, no more calendars of meetings, no more being the whipping boy of the suppressed masses of the under appreciated and overworked insurance and claims industry personnel, no more taking conference calls during my vacation, no more money.

I am overwhelmed.  Not with the specter of having no job, but with the enormous amount of opportunity that exists.  Trust me there are still plenty of responsibilities, however, there are so many things I want to do it’s overwhelming.  It’s almost paralyzing.  I am not sure where to start… bout a cup of coffee….

It’s funny, when I spoke to a few associates they treated the loss of my job as if there was a death in the family.   Most of the comments were shaped around, “Oh my god, what are you going to do?” “You’re never gonna get a job that pays that much money,” blah, blah, blah. 

5 to 10 years ago I might have reacted the same way.  5 to 10 years ago I was caught up in the upwardly mobile, money driven, materialistic mania.  More things, gotta have more things, gotta have the cool car, gotta go on expensive vacations, gotta have stuff.  You know the sad thing was that I had all that stuff and wasn’t nearly as happy as I am today.

I am so, so, so fortunate that I was given the opportunity to learn that there are so many more things more important than stuff.  For me it’s all about the F’s.

Fornication (just had to throw that in to see if you were reading)

I felt the need to go back through my blog archives and reprint the following quote from the back of Dr. Play’s (my Uncle Ken) business card;

Make play a high priority in your life
For if you die tomorrow
No one can play for you
Someone can and will do your work for you

 So today begins a new journey.  I am SO excited that I get this opportunity to begin yet another journey.

The beautiful part is that I have no idea as to where this journey will take me but with a thermos full of coffee, a pocket full of positude, a great family, great friends I know we’re gonna have a lot of fun. 

So boys and girls, strap on the aluminum foil helmuts (keeps the government from reading your thoughts) put on some SPF 30 sunblock, your darkest sunglasses, wear your underwear on the outside and climb on my back cuz I am taking you on a trip of a lifetime and who the hell knows where we’ll end up!

Special Message for my good friend Steve – we can finally play golf on a Monday!  The only issue is that since I don’t have a job you have to pay.  HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

I can be so fucking funny sometimes.



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3 responses to “Always look on the bright side of life

  1. Ellen Fenner

    You go, Patsy! Welcome to the world of the undercomplicated life! It’s way better to be overwhelmed by opportunity than by tedium…. SOAK IT UP!

  2. jennifer

    yay for you, and its just what i needed to hear…cheers!

  3. Whoa, shit — first off: let me say congrat ya motha frikkin lations! Shit the only thing better than a friend losing their job is when I am directly responsible for that friend losing their job. Only thing better than that is when Absynth Eve is in on the fun….

    But hey — you’ll get another job more than likely, eh? Be warned: I WILL GET YOU FIRED BEFORE YOU DIE!!

    Oh & one more thing: been a bit behind on my blog reading lately — too frantically trying to get the hell out of Brattleboro. As I explained in my email earlier this evening…

    ….Which I sent without realizing your new status. So go on & disregard the $100 SOS (turns out I did not leave town broke: I have a dollar!) and think about getting your freshly unemployed ass down for some Wednesday afternoon early double Belmont Park degeneracy!

    See ya there dude. Word to the peeps

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