Moron to Mormon decision oh ate

Well I just landed in Dallas and I plopped my tired ass down in a chair at the hotel bar to work on a post about drooling (I ain’t shittin’ ya) when lookie what do I see and hear on TV – it’s a republican debate going on. 

Of course it was from Nude Hampster.  

Well any thought process or creative juices I had came to an abrupt end – dried up.  Much like the responses the guys in the blue suits and red ties on TV provided.  Sorry there was a blue tie and even a Kelly green tie and their responses were no better. 

The only way I can describe my reaction to the debate was that it reminded me of driving by a car accident.  You know, you don’t want to look but can’t help yourself – you stare in mindless disbelief.  

Well the debate was a not just a car accident it was a 100 car pile up on the GW Bridge at rush hour with the upper deck closed.   

I have one word for those boys on stage tonight.  Grow some BALLS.  Mumbo, jumbo, blah, blah, blah….stand for something other than the book version of the conservative right republican party…have some balls.  What the fuck ever happened to original thought.  Fuck the conservative religious right.  HA I said it!  Fuck em all!  Know why, cuz god told me to say fuck em. 

Whoa there happy boy. 

Sorry bout that folks, got a wee bit carried away….  

After all that I offer the following from Brain Salad Surgery.  1973 Album from ELP (lyrics from Greg Lake, music by Keith Emerson).  I find the lyrics hauntingly timely….especially since they’re 34 years old…. Karne Evil 9 

Cold and misty morning, I heard a warning borne in the air
About an age of power where no one had an hour to spare,
Where the seeds have withered, silent children shivered, in the cold
Now their faces captured in the lenses of the jackals for gold.
I’ll be there
I’ll be there
I will be there.
Suffering in silence, they’ve all been betrayed.
They hurt them and they beat them, in a terrible way,
Praying for survival at the end of the day.
There is no compassion for those who stay.
I’ll be there
I’ll be there
I will be there.There must be someone who can set them free:
To take their sorrow from this odyssey
To help the helpless and the refugee
To protect what’s left of humanity.
Can’t you see
Can’t you see
Can’t you see.I’ll be there
I’ll be there
I will be there;
To heal their sorrow
To beg and borrow
Fight tomorrow.

Step inside! Hello! We’ve the most amazing show
You’ll enjoy it all we know
Step inside! Step Inside!
We’ve got thrills and shocks, supersonic fighting cocks.
Leave your hammers at the box
Come Inside! Come Inside!
Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!
See the show!
Left behind the bars, rows of Bishops’ heads in jars
and a bomb inside a car
Spectacular! Spectacular!
If you follow me there’s a speciality
some tears for you to see
Misery, misery,
Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!
See the show!

Next upon the bill in our House of Vaudeville
We’ve a stripper in a till
What a thrill! What a thrill!
And not content with that, with our hands behind our backs,
We pull Jesus from a hat,
Get into that! Get into that!
Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!
See the show!

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!
There behind a glass is a real blade of grass
be careful as you pass.
Move along! Move along!

Come inside, the show’s about to start
guaranteed to blow your head apart
Rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth
The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth.
You’ve got to see the show, it’s a dynamo.
You’ve got to see the show, it’s rock and roll ….

Soon the Gypsy Queen in a glaze of Vaseline
Will perform on guillotine
What a scene! What a scene!
Next upon the stand will you please extend a hand
to Alexander’s Ragtime Band
Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!
See the show!

Performing on a stool we’ve a sight to make you drool
Seven virgins and a mule
Keep it cool. Keep it cool.
We would like it to be known the exhibits that were shown
were exclusively our own,
All our own. All our own.
Come and see the show! Come and see the show! Come and see the show!
See the show!


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One response to “Moron to Mormon decision oh ate

  1. mikeymac

    Jesus Fucking Christ go easy on the god damn religious right. You might have a negative effect on their arrogance

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