Greetings from 35,000 Feet

Yep another day on the road.     This time it’s a quick trip to
Orlando, Florida.  Down in the morning, back tonight.  Do not stop at Disney, no Universal, definitely no Sea  World, do not pass go, do not collect $200. 
 Usually these early morning kiddie rides to
Orlando suck.  Not today, nope, after my shower this morning I put on my positudeness cape and nothing can bring my down, not even castles burning.  

Yep, today the world is good.  Not sure why, but the lines didn’t phase me this morning nor did the fact that there are a number of first time fliers on this flight.  To us seasoned (jaded) professional travelers, first time fliers can be a source of great amusement and frustration.  But today, it’s all ok.  Maybe it was the three DeRanke XX bitter that I had at the Moan and Dove last night.  The Moan and Dove in South Amherst along with McNeill’s in Brattleboro are quite simply the most comfortable places on earth to drink EXCELLENT beer.  Both locations are very comfortable, are staffed by great people and attractgreat people (me included…hehehehe).  The world is good.  I can feel the positude coursing through my veins today.  Shit, even the coffee on the plane tastes fucking good.  Yikes! 

Jump start your positude!  Hook up the fucking jumper cables and get motivated to embrace positude.  A very easy way to get positude jump started is with your first decision of the day.  This decision occurs just after you wake up, before you even get out of bed.  The decision is simple:  Is today going to be a good day or a bad day? Folks, if your decision is that this is going to be a bad day then guess what, it’s gonna be a bad day.  STAY IN BED!  So, as you begin to stir and think about all that is ahead of you today, grab a cup of positude and start the day off in a positive direction. 

Best thing about embracing positude is the fact you can fuck with people.  People get very uncomfortable when people are not predictable.  I have found that by walking around with my cup of positudeness overflowing people have no fucking idea on how to react to me.  It’s awesome.  Then again, maybe I am simply insane….it’s a very fine line one walks….

I tell anyone who will listen to me, embrace positudeness and stop being predictable.   

I don’t like to give out secrets of the game, but I’ll share one with you – be unpredictable.   What the fuck does that mean, be unpredictable? 

Life is all about interaction with other people.  I call it people management.  People manage these interactions for predictable outcomes, good or bad.  People want predictable outcomes.  Companies want predictable outcomes.  People anticipate that other people will react in certain ways depending on the direction and communication of the interaction.  This anticipation or assumption is based on a lifetime of predictable outcomes.  You, me, everyone has been programmed through life-experiences to react predictably.  Trust me when I say this – to not react predictably is something you need to practice everyday.  It is very hard to break the tendencies reinforced by years of predictable behavior. Embracing positude will help make you less predictable and get you one step closer to having game. 

Where the fuck was I….oh yeah, I am looking out my emergency row seat window and the world seems pretty amazing.  Never mind the fact that I can sit here and type these notes in the cozy comfort of this Delta MD-88.  I got all the gadgets going right now.  Typing on my lap top,  Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4 in C Minor playing through my Ipod insulating me from the banter from the row behind me and the drone of the engines….damn the world is good or at least it is OK, no matter how bad we humans try to fuck it up at every fucking level.   Did I tell you how fucking good DeRanke XX Bitter is?   

Well my Ipod battery is very low so I moved on from Mendelssohn to The Grateful Dead Live from the Palladium in NYC from April 30, 1977…a beautiful version of St. Stephen…..with a rose in and out of the garden he goes, country garden and the wind and the rain, where ever he goes Maybe Sugaree….from the night before…. 

….just one thing I ask of you., please forget you knew my name  2 Days and Counting to The Preakness.  Rock on, and I am not even Flying in First Class!


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