Cake and Juice – Juice and Cake

Cake and Juice 


First off, these are my opinions.  I really don’t give a fuck if you agree with them or not.  They are mine.  If you want to voice your own opinions get your own fucking blog. 

That said, all this hoopla regarding Don Imus has got me thinking about Cake and Juice. 

What Don Imus said regarding the lady Scarlet Knights was racially and gender inappropriate.  He made a mistake and apologized. 

I am not a huge fan of Imus.  I have listened to him over the years when nothing else was on.  What I do know of Imus is that he made a living out of being racially and gender inappropriate.  That was his shtick.  Have you ever heard him rail against the Catholic Church or the Jews.  Yikes!  His shtick made him, CBS, MSNBC millions of dollars. 

He’s done some nice work for kids with his ranch in
New Mexico.  What is interesting is that Gov Spitzer, at the time Attorney General Spitzer investigated Imus’ charity and ranch for financial improprieties and he found nothing.  Trust me or ask the family Greenberg (of Marsh and AIG fame) when Spitzer starts his proctological examination of corp finances it usually leaves you with a bloody ass. 

A couple last things that piss me off – first this incident has given Al Sharpton and the “reverend” jesse
Jackson an opportunity to exploit it for their own gain.  That sucks.  Second is the legion of folks who have used the Imus machine to whore out their books, ideals or causes for their own gain.  They distanced themselves pretty quickly from him.  What a bunch of dicks.  Actually dicks is too complimentary, what a bunch of assholes.  Take the snot nosed tool Mike Lupica.  It seemed that every other week he was on the Imus show whoring another book or literary assignment.  He wasted no time throwing Imus under the bus.  What a scum sucking
New Canaan weenie (sorry Mr. Russo).

Back to cake and juice.  The whole Imus thing made me think about Howard Stern.  No not Anna Nicole’s bitch, rather the one time “shock jock” who at one point seemed to have the world by the balls and squeezed repeatedly. 

Mr. Stern decided to jump to satellite radio and took the cake and lost the juice.  Lots and lots of cake.  You see folks, money (cake) is nice, but the game is really all about power (juice).  Since Mr. Stern left terrestrial radio he has become irrelevant.  His juice is gone.  Traded it in for cake.    On the other hand – why else would a billionaire like Mike Bloomberg want to be mayor of NY City.  He don’t need the cake.  What he needed was the juice.  Juice is a crazy drug.  Heck, why do you think all these folks are raising millions of dollars to be President.  Think it’s cuz of the $200K salary?  Nope.  It’s all about the juice. 

Remember folks – it’s not about the cake it’s about the juice. 


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One response to “Cake and Juice – Juice and Cake

  1. Oh shit yes indeed.

    A man on the scent of the White House is rarely rational.
    >>Hunter S. Thompson

    Great point about Stern’s relevance. Kind of like a president dropped by his own buffoonery into the mid-30% approval bracket; just him and the Ignoramus Mob who, I’m quite afraid, may genuinely be dumb enough to believe every word that 2-Time Loser says.

    But so what? I know they’re there but they bore me. They don’t count.

    If Howard Stearn has an actually loyal listenership on satellite then his loyal listeners are dumb goons who smoke diesel-fuel. And don’t matter for shit to anyone.

    Neither does Imus. He is a testament to idiocy. Hell — maybe the shock-jock staged the whole thing for publicity. If he did it for money…well I swear that dude may even be Dumber Than Dubuya! Even if he makes handsome monetary gains Imus, as you’re post crisply demonstrates, is doomed to irrelevancy.

    Custie fool got no juice and pathetically may not even want any.

    Cake vs. Juice.

    Kind of like the difference between playing a $20 scratch ticket and laying the same cash down smart on your own presciently chosen pick to win the Kentucky Derby.

    I like my wins personal.


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