Zappa Jag Zappa

It has been a while since I went on a Frank Zappa music jag.  The Zappa jag came over me the other night.  Actually morning would be more appropriate since it was about 2am with a headful of Jameson’s and other synaptic provocateurs motivating my search.  As I poked through my cd collection I stumbled on Zappa’s Joe’s Garage.  One of his more commercially successful ventures.  I just had to share the following lyrics….cuz they are fucking awesome…Where is Tipper Gore when you need her!  Yee ha…. 


Shortly after his liaison with the taco stand lady,
JOE makes a horrible discovery. . .

Why does it hurt when I pee?
Why does it hurt when I pee?
I don’t want no doctor
To stick no needle in me
Why does it hurt when I pee?
I got it from the toilet seat
I got it from the toilet seat
It jumped right up
‘N’ grabbed my meat
Got it from the toilet seat
My balls feel like a pair of maracas
My balls feel like a pair of maracas
Oh God I probably got the Gon-o-ka-ka-khackus!
My balls feel like a pair of maracas
Why does it
Why does it
Why does it
Why does it hurt…
I Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

God Bless Frank Zappa, WHERE EVER HE MAY BE!!!!



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2 responses to “Zappa Jag Zappa

  1. Just like a Penguin In Bondage.

  2. hmmm-Frank Zappa!
    He played here back when,a long back when. The university here has a venue center-the O’Connell center which has a teflon dome. Cool place for a concert.
    Zappa? yeah-we went to the concert and got there an hour early. Some cat was down there on the stage playing a guitar,just sitting on a stool all alone playing away. The crowd was still pouring in-and things were being done on stage…drums getting set up and sound,and this dude playing the guitar. And people up where we were sitting in the cheap seats starting yelling down to evacuate the clown and give us the real deal and soon people all around the center started in with it…get him off the stage-finally some dudes start coming out and picking up instruments and the guy that ended up being the drummer came up and pointed at the dude on the stool that was playing the guitar and said “…ladies and gents-Mr.Frank Zappa”
    I remember after the concert-it was an awesome concert despite the audience being so rude in the beginning…but I remember after the concert all the crowd was exiting the center you could over hear people saying they knew it was Zappa all along and how great the guitar music was.
    It was good too…but jeewiz captain,it was Zappa-but honestly I didnt know we were getting an hour of free Frank!
    …must of been the acid!

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