Cattle Call

I am sitting here at Bradley airport in Connecticut waiting for a delayed flight to leave to Philly.  I love delayed flights, it gives me more bar time.  Yee Ha!

So here I sit, at the bar, watching Family Feud for the first time in about 25 years.  The show still sucks really bad.  Sitting at the bar also allows me to partake in one of my favorite airport activities, people watching.  Right now I am watching a bevy of wary travelers bitch and moan about yet another delayed flight screwing up connections to somewhere else in the world.  All the while I sit basking in a growing alcohol induced calm not giving a crap when we leave as long as the damn plane goes up and comes down in one piece.

People are pacing
People are complaining
People are yacking on their cell phones
Some guy with a USScareways shirt is barking into the loudspeaker something about our plane is in the air.  I guess that’s a good thing….last time I checked planes are supposed to be in the air….

People are really funny.  Funny in that kind of chainsaw dismemberment kinda way….

You ever get the feeling that the airlines really don’t give a crap about you?  Much like the banking industry doesn’t give a crap about you.

People are standing now….I guess our plane has landed and folks are now standing, waiting to get on the plane….

Damn – talk about disconnected thoughts….I began writing the above a week ago.  Needless to say the plane went up and down got to Philly and back and I am alive to write about it….big deal.


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