Ramblings from the other side of the counter

As I quickly approach the second anniversary of restaurant ownership I continue to struggle to figure out what people really want.  Maybe it’s more me trying to figure out what I want.  Regardless, it gave me a moment to reflect on the past two years.  I got into this business by accident.  One of those great ideas on paper.  Partner with a friend who knows the business….me with a little cash to buy the business….and a restaurant owner selling his business.  A restaurant owner who should be thanking PT Barnum every night, if you know what I mean. A few months go by, the partner bolts and now I am responsible for running a restaurant.   Hmmm, where are the damn keys….and where is my damn marinara recipe? Today it seems that everybody wants to be a chef.  Or is it everybody wants to have their own cooking show? Ah, the celebrity of the BAM. Heck, I’d love to be a chef.  Being in the kitchen and watching people enjoy the food you prepare for them is the single most rewarding aspect of this business.  It’s also the part of the business, that as owner, I don’t get to do nearly enough.  So after the personnel management, financial and marketing aspects of the business I cherish my time in the kitchen.  I am very fortunate in that I have great people working with me in the restaurant.  People who care about everything they do.  For those who would love to see the “other” side of the biz I’d welcome you to drop me an email and I’ll schedule sometime for you to spend a day in the biz.

 The great news is that this experience continues to provide material for the book I will eventually write.  I already have the title for the book: The Reluctant Restaurateur: What they don’t teach you on FoodTV about running a restaurant 


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